"I went to The Heart Connectors Saturday Behavior Training seminar, which uses The Nurtured Heart Approach®, and thought it was the best thing I ever attended on the subject...even from my many years of teaching elementary school."
Lynn Miller - Pastor Children's Ministry (Vineyard Comm. Church)

"Through this process with The Heart Connectors, I can feel my heart being softened and just like a sponge.  The old harsh mindsets, old habits, are wringing out and I am absorbing a new perspective, new tools, and renewed love."  E. Rock (Stay Home Mom)

"The Heart Connectors and The Nurtured Heart Approach® has transformed the way I communicate with my children and how my children respond to discipline."  Michele Strands (Mom & Manager)

"I have seen a change in the kids in two weeks.  I have also seen a change in how I see the children.  This class has been providing tools to actually create a new life & future with the kids and my partner.  Thank you, it's priceless!"  - James

"Dodee has the experience, success, and training to help you to turn your child's behavior around.  I highly recommend investing in her coaching sessions."  Dr. Clare Albright (Psychologist)

"The Heart Connector's "Nurtured Heart Approach" is the very method God uses to parent us so why would it not bring forth fruitfulness in our own parenting? It encompassess the very factors that science has shown that stimulates brain development in addition to strengthen the bond between parent and child - our ultimate goal as a parent." Monica Brillhart - Homeschool Educator

"The Heart Connectors and the Nurtured Heart Approach® are the perfect way for any and all families to interact with each other whether your children have special needs or special “attitudes”. Even though I am only dealing with “attitudes”, I find that the positive way in speaking to my children, and even my spouse, has had the most rewarding and filling impact."   Annette Chavarria (Mama & Preschool Educator)

"The Heart Connectors and the Nurtured Heart Approach® strategies have shifted the focus in our household.  Our child is more pleasant and cooperative.  The Nurtured Heart Approach® has changed our hearts to recognize our child's.  Thank you "The Heart Connectors."   M. Reyes (parent)

"Thank you for sharing your personal experiences and having the courage to reveal heart wrenching scenarios to set an example toward how effective the Nurtured Heart Approach® and The Heart Connectors are." (anonymous)

"This is what I've been looking for in a parenting book.  Something that really addressed our frustration dealing with a "difficult child". It is incredibly eye opening and also explains certain things I've "known" but didn't know how to implement."  (anonymous)

"As I've been using The Heart Connector's Nurtured Heart Approach®, it has started changing the way I'm seeing my children.  Since I've used some of the methods with both my daughters, I've seen them both light up and their behavior turn around instantly."  (Andi Ball - Stay Home Mom)

Sue was able to implement the tools learned immediately and only 1 1/2 days after her training, she is seeing huge turn around results.  Sue shares "My grand-daughter loves this new behavior strategy and it has stopped a lot of the negativity. We are enjoying each other's company much better.  I'm so glad I attended your seminar (training)."  S. Cochrane

"I have always known I did not want to break my daughters will, but bend it.  Society and my own upbringing did not give me the tools for success.  Now thanks to NHA® and Dodee's amazing way to pull examples into my situation, I feel empowered and positive.  I can't wait to go home and begin using this new approach.  I want more training to hone my skills."  Kimberly Gasper (RN, CEN and most humbly a Homeschool Mom)

 "The Heart Connectors (using NHA®) not only gave me a good guidance to communicate with my child, it also helped improve my relationship with my husband.  Both my husband and 2 year old daughter were encouraged and delighted when they heard my praises to them. I will continue to use the tools and expect more exciting things to happen."  L. Lin (Accounting Professional)

"My two year old daughter was so excited when I praised her for being so responsible and threw away her own trash.  It encouraged her to repeat her good behavior again and again just to get my attention and hear Mom's juicy words again."  L. Lin (Accounting Professional)

"The Heart Connectors and the Nurtured Heart Approach® has helped us tremendously.  We have seen changes in our 3 kids and us in a matter of a few weeks.  The tools really work!  This teaching is not only for the children but for us parents, giving us effective tools in changing our children from the inside out.  I see my relationship with my family has been more peaceful and loving.  It truly has changed the dynamics of our lives in a good way. So thankful for this training class.  It's a blessing!"  Jennifer

"The Heart Connectors has taught me tools to relate to my children in a way that touched & changed their heart to bring in the best of who they really are.  It has helped me to handle things calmly and effectively.  My children had extreme transformation since I've been using this approach.  There is more peace, love & respect in our home."  J. Villarico

"Dodee has been beyond helpful with my partner's kids and my personal life and gives me tools that I can use with the kids & everybody around me from my partner to co-workers, family, friends, even my dog (LOL)."  J. Noceti