• Therapists 

  • Practitioners

  • Family Attorneys 

  • Grandparents 

  • Social Workers

  • SPD

  • OCD

  • Autism

The Heart Connectors works with intense behavior issues:
  • ​ADHD

  • ODD

  • RAD

  • Asperger

The Heart Connectors works with anyone who has kids or works with kids:
  • ​​Parents​ 

  • Educators

  • School Administrators 

  • Child Care Providers

  • Adoption/Foster Care

About The Heart Connectors

The Heart Connectors, in conjunction with the Nurtured Heart Approach®, believes intense behavior is a powerful quality and when developed correctly, can propel both children and adults onto amazing achievements. When they learn to feel great about their intensity, the incidents of challenging behavior dissolve. 
We train our clients to implement a set of behavioral & communication strategies that assist people of all ages (children & adults) in further developing their self-regulation and communication skills. We focus on transforming the way people respond and communicate while broadening their perspective to see the greatness in every moment.  In addition, children discover they receive endless amounts of praise, recognition, and reward which fills up their hearts. Both children & adults experience life changing results.