This 6 - 2 hour sessions, 1 per week, is the deepest, most impactful training.  You will be fully immersed in understanding and using the behavioral tools and strategies of the NHA®.

The immersion training includes:

♥    NHA behavioral tools & strategies - the complete package.
♥    How to use each tool - equipping you for success.
♥    Video examples - demonstrating its effectiveness.
♥    Interactive discussions - for deeper comprehension.
♥    Hands on experimentals - practical use & confidence building.
♥    Testimonies - personal successes.
♥    Helps - tips & additional resources.
♥    Participants guide - notes and handouts for quick reference.
♥    Weekly practice & group connecting – habit to lifestyle.

Recommend each participant/couple have their own copy of the workbook, “Transforming the Difficult Child Workbook”, available at class or through this website.

6 Week Immersion Training